To My Step-Father


Dear Brad,

I just wanted to thank you…

thank you for being my step-dad, my guardian, and my protector.

These are words I wish I could say to you.

But this isn’t a thank you letter.


I wish I could hear that your proud of me.

I wish you cared.

I wish you didn’t hit me.

But most of all I wish you understood.

I wish you understood how much you hurt me.

Not just physically, but mentally.


Because of you I believe that I’m not good enough,

And that everything I do is wrong.

Because of you I hide my emotions,

Because to you being emotional is being weak.

Because of you I believe I’m not good enough to be here.

I think this because I am weak,

I am fraile,

I am small,

And I am broken.


But once you left

I became strong

I now believe that I am good enough to keep going

And I believe that I am not worthless


So I guess this is a thank you letter

Thank you for breaking me.

Thank you for making me feel like garbage.  

But most of all thank you for making me realize my worth.


This poem is about: 
My family



I recently wrote this poem to show my growth after years of abuse and self hatred. 

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