It left my lips with an overwhelming sadness 

With another tear stain on my cheek

I turn away with embarrassment

We were nothing.


Inside I'm dying, outside I'm crying

You sit there alone

Ignoring the buzzing phone

For you I'm nothing.


Trying to say sorry

Full of melancholy 

My heart aches

You were my everything.


I didn't wanna leave you

But it was something I had to do

My goodbye isn't forever

I will love you forever

But we are nothing.



I call you one last time 

You pick up the phone not so kind

You ask for my business

I tell you I'm sorry and try to explain

But it doesn't matter, we won't be the same

We fell to nothing.


You no longer care

But it is honestly fair

Before you hang up the phone

You say in monotone



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