I love you!

And I don’t know how to tell you that I love you

Is the problem that we’re having here

The thing is you don’t even realize

How much I love you

And you won’t unless I make you realize

How much I want to hold you

And card my fingers through your soft hair

And ghost my fingers softly on your skin

And rub little circles into the palm of your hand

I have missed this


I love you is the thing

Which really comes as no surprise

You have always mattered so much to me

Oh you don’t like yourself or anybody but

I like you

So much

Please understand

You mean something important to me


Your name means

Sharp lines and narrow hips

Wide grins and winking

Soft pink mouth that looks treacherous even

From a distance

Eyes that are beautiful

Without having a reason for being so

They just are beautiful


It means unruly laughter and grimaces

Swaying side to side to music

Leaping and prowling around like something wild

And collapsing on top of me in an amiable sprawl

It means the way you used to hold me tightly

For no reason

I want to hold you


I want to grab your hand and

Pull you free

From the mires of your mind

I want to illuminate your world

Flip the switch that chases away

All the shadows

Where your insecurities all hide

Next time you put your weight on me

I want to keep you from sinking

Next time you hold onto me

I want to not let go


I guess I can’t love anyone

Who isn’t a little tragic

But you take it to another level, babe

You are ready and willing to burn

I never figured out how to put out fires

But I am trying

Even when the fire is too hot for me to get close

And try to fix it

And try to fix you

I shouldn’t try to fix you but I love you.


I love you so much

I’m writing stupid poetry about it

You hate poetry.


You don’t hate me but

You don’t love me either

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