Just One More

Just one more 

I promise that’s it 

Just one more 

Then I promise I’ll quit.


Those lies you spoke 

for so many years 

An ocean of needles 

and too many beers.


A promise you kept 

was as rare as a gem 

There’s always some trigger 

 to retrieve you again.


To pull you away 

From the land of the living 

To give you that high 

That my love was not giving.


I saw how the chemicals 

Poisoned your mind 

The person I knew 

I could no longer find.


I’m sorry my love 

That I could not save you 

I’ve tried, lord I’ve tried 

But I was enslaved too.


The nights full of needles 

And days full of drinks 

Through armor of scars 

To find any chinks.


They finally caught up, 

Like the moon and the sun 

I just wish it was sooner 

Because now you are gone.


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