Forever Frozen

My fingers have froze the tips are bleeding a gentle stream of flowing red blood. Everything I love is slowly fading away or frozen in time within my mind. The people I love and the memories we've shared are nothing but lost dreams stuck in a frozen world where nothing can live. The tips of my fingers numb from cold, the gentle stream of flowing red blood has turned into an unstoppable waterfall staining everything I touch with my hands forever numb. The pain in my heart is replacing the feeling of my hands forever frozen dripping red blood. I'm dying slowly from my frozen hands down to my braking heart. Your memory is all that's left nothing can replace it and nothing can destroy it. My freezing hands are the reminder that your no longer there to hold them with your warm embrace and no longer there to be my sunshine forever leaving me in a frozen world consumed by darkness.  



I love the detail and depth that you have in your writing.

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