Mon, 05/02/2016 - 22:42 -- yazifat

1000 memories and they’re all colored blue

and the darkest shade appeared the day I met you

I never thought much of it, never bothered me nun

Shake and bake you toke and bake

We talk until we see the rising sun

I call you asthma, you take my breath away

Can’t breathe regardless

I’m overwhelmed by the thought of you disappearing

And I don’t like what I’m hearing

You’re irrational

As quickly as you said hi, you’re wishing me goodbye

So, so long

So, so long

It’s been so so long since I’ve felt some type of way


The red birds don’t sing like they used to

A little birdie told me not to miss you

But I miss your hands running through my hair

You can break my heart I don’t care

As long as you’re the one doing it


Don’t punish me for your insecurities

Don’t punish me for the bitches that came before me

Can’t you see I’m not like the rest

Even when you put me to the test I’m still here

I still care

I still want you

Why do I want you

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