Human Onion

You were like an onion

Hard but easy to peel

Wondering how far I should stand away from you before cutting you

Before you start to make me cry


Knowing you make me cry everytime

Yet I can never get enough of you

You tasted bad by yourself

But you made my meals better

I never took a bite out of you

and blamed you for your bitterness

I never took a bite out of you

and asked you to become an apple

For I already knew you were an onion

You made me cry everytime

But you're worth every sense of sting

From the stinging of my nose of your unforgetting smell to my eyes

As I drown in tears from your uninteded pain

Though you made me cry

I was the one who took you apart

Peeled you mentally naked from your healing nature

and threw you through my hell of my raging hot nags

Emotionally beating you until your heart was soaked within my burning oil

Until everything else that surrounded you and me was ready to be devoured

You were the only thing.....left untouched



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