Fri, 08/08/2014 - 14:09 -- Tamar91

The struggles that seem to always fall, no matter whether they are BIG or small. Struggles always seems to find my way. Being faced with obstacles and oppressions, trying to find the strength to fight, even though day after after day after day there seems to be no light. No way out, no where to go. Your STUCK, with the agonies and thoughts of self defeat and losing streaks. You feel that there is no way, there is no bright side, there is no hoping for the best because when you tried your best, your best did not suffice. After years of being told work hard and do your best and good things will come, your situations have proved to show that the saying isn't true and your left with this empty and confused heart as to why even when you do your best, those STRUGGLES still seem to always fall. 


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