Why Try?

Yelling and crying. 

Screaming and dying. 

This is the circle of my life.

Why try?


Every time you get happy,

Life becomes crappy.

This is the circle of my life. 

Why try?


From grades to family to friends,

I've long since wanted my life to end. 

This is the circle of my life,

Why try?


I can't help but wonder to myself,

why keep going?

Why do this to myself?

Why try?


The abuse and conflict,

it seems to never end. 

Why do i try?

I should just give in. 


I try for the beauty in things,

i try for the belief that i am not what i was told. 

I try for those who can't,

and i try for those who want to. 


I try to show my family,

that i am more than a little kid. 

I am more than a victim.

I am someone who tries. 


I try so i can succeed, 

for if i give up i can't.

I try to see the good in things,

i try to push through. 


I tried. 

I failed. 

I tried again.

I failed again.


More yelling, more screaming,

more dying, more crying.

This is my life.

Why try?


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