Middle School

Every weekday is agony.

Dread the time it takes to learn.

Beg the clock to tick faster.

Get on your knees and pray

to a being that you’ll soon forsake.


Every human here is a waste.

Glare at them from across the room.

Cover your ears from the shrieks.

Forget about those you loved

and believe in their insolence.


Every moment is like vomit.

Plug your nose from the stench of puberty.

Put your chest away with what you can.

Don’t talk about the truth

to anyone who walks the halls.


Every instance

of time






It burns your skin

and sets your veins on fire.

It pours itself down

your throat and suffocates you.

It covers your whole body

and blinds you from the outside.


Just when you think

you can’t take it anymore,

you are free once again.

3 PM on the dot.

A two-block walk.

A snack from the fridge.

A race up the stairs.

A closing of the door.

A leap onto the bed.

The opening of the laptop.


The blindingly bright beauty of the screen

fills your lungs and destroys the darkness.

It’s time to say hello

to the three best people

on the entire planet.


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