The Past Year Without You

Sun, 11/06/2016 - 16:51 -- sdpoet

I loved to try on your clothes,

the cute crop tops and fuzzy socks.

I loved to sleep in your bed, 

to play games on your laptop,

to eat tacos with you and 

to talk to you, 

about anything and everything.


Car rides with you were always fun

With the wind in my hair, 

and your music blasting.

Shopping with you was always fun

You had an eye for fashion

and I was always in awe 

by how good you loved in just about everything.


We ate ice cream together,

Watched movies together,

Trick-or-Treated together,

Stuffed the Turkey together,

Decorated the Christmas tree together,

And watched the New Years ball drop together.


But now you're gone.

Now you're 6 feet under,

and I'm still here, 


Now I'm reminded that we'll never be together again.

I'm forced to eat ice cream and watch movies alone,

And every holiday without you isn't the same.

Why am I even celebrating without you?


You were my rock.

You were my light.

I still put on your fuzzy socks,

trying to cling to the memories

that I have left with you,

But those memories don't soften the pain.

And every night,

I remember every regret I have.


I wish I called you more often

to ask you how your day was

and how you were feeling.

I wish I told you

How important you really were.

But most of all,

I wish I told you

How much I love you

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My family
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