Love and Wine

You know I’ve realized

That somehow falling in love

Is the best and worst thing

That can ever happen to a person


You will feel things you never knew you could feel.

Emotions that somehow seem timeless,

and words that suddenly make sense.

And you’ve heard this all before.


But love is a venom

Creeping through your blood stream

Telling every cell in your body that you are in love.

Reminding every nerve how it felt to be touched

And no antidote can stop it.


And when you trip

When you fall face first into love

There won’t always be arms to catch you

Sometimes you’re meant to fall

Your face hitting the dirt

Sending up dust

A cloud of confusion

The pain of learning that not every heart wants to dance with your own.

And it’s ok to be broken

It’s ok to be sad or lost or angry

Do not stop your tears from watering the grape vines

Not every love ends in heartbreak

Not every fall goes without catching

Keep crying your tears in the vineyard

And eventually the wine will be sweet

To celebrate with the one who stays

The one who prunes the branches

And helps with the harvest

The finest wines take the longest

But never forget the journey.

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