Hillary the Ohpeliac,

The girl with a beautiful soul

She’s into self-destruction,

I’m fascinated by this role.


She looks at skinny as a flaw

I can’t even see why

Beauty comes in all forms

All shapes and size


She believes she is ugly

And that is not the case

Because when I look at her

I see a beautiful face


When you look at her arms

You’re surprised to see

Patterns cut into her skin

Reminds me of me


She won’t change

It’s okay though

I love this girl

No matter how deep the wounds go


Scars are reminders

And pain is real

I understand what you are

I know how you feel


Consumed by your demons

Entertained by the ghost

If she ever needs comfort

Her thoughts I will host


Opheliac we all are

Consumed by our insanity

But being able to live through it

That’s a part of our humanity 

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I am this girl

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