Waiting Forever


The heart-wrenching news you tell me nowadays

 Is stored in the latched box of my distant mind; it decays

Into my deepest and darkest ponders,

And upon reminder is where this distraction wanders.


I could wait for you forever,

Until the world ends once God pulls this lever;

Or when the Sun loses its glamorous gold,

And tropical lands are blurred with bitter cold.


Holding continuous hopes intensify the headaches

As my brain fails to realize reality’s high stakes.

The dangerous, disloyal games I engaged in years ago

Has rendered the guilt that initiates a bird’s displeasured crow.


Waiting forever does not seem like a long time,

But I shall serve my punishment for this committed crime.

What if I had kept my once faithful promise?

I would have not developed this scar: a heart aching cist.


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