Sun, 09/03/2017 - 17:50 -- Neftee

Dad, can you help me fix this shit?
I keep trying to build mountains out of nothing,
And you always could fix anything.
I know, you'd pick a shovel up, and help me
Dig my own grave, if only I'd ask.
But youve done enough digging in your day,
So I won't ask.
Instead Ill just keep staring at that picture.
The one of me and you,
I was two with my plastic hammer.
You had your hammer too.
I keep trying to find the answeres.
Answeres for an old man from a you one.
Like at the end of an empty life
There is a fire to light.
But there is not.
Dad, is there a place for men like us?
The road we walk is hard.
The whole world is something we carry like a cross
And there is nobody who can help us with the load.
There's not,
I know.
Dad, do we have a place?
Do we have a purpose?
I'm sure we do,
But I doubt we will find it in our lifetime.


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