Fading Away

Do you remember?

How we used to play pretend?
And giggle and laugh
Until the day's end?

Do you remember?

The many adventures we took
Together as partners,
With every step, the earth shook

Do you remember?

The nights filled with tears,
I was there to comfort you
And help fight your fears

Do you remember?

Before life took you cruel
When you rolled in the mud
And had pirate duels

Do you remember?

Creating your own world?
Instead of simply living
You used to be such an imaginative girl

Do you remember?

The songs we'd sing,
The acts you'd write
When you did your own thing

Do you remember?

The good times we had?
Even though you could never have
That number one dad

Do you still remember?

The happy you?
Cheerful, beautiful, wild
Not thinking, just do

Because I remember...

You used to say
You'll never abandon your dreams
But even now, we're both fading away

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