Someone tell me why im having a mental breakdown.

its 10:56 and im numb.

not too long ago i got my phone taken away, 

and just let me something about that.


look im sorry this world is changing. everything about 

this world involves technology. okay? 

im sorry that i used the certain amount of internet, 

which isnt much. and as a result, you feel the need

to take my phone away, which obviously isnt healing

anything. im sorry that most of my work is required 

online. im sorry that i try to look for scholarships

with the little amount of internet i have. im sorry that 

i cant even use the schools wifi because

of PARCC testing. im sorry that this world 

will soon be running on pure technology. 

and i really am sorry...that the world is changing.


Someone tell my why im having a mental breakdown. 

could it be because its prom week?

i do still have plenty of things to check off my list.

or is it that ive reached the last stage of stress.


i wonder how this was produced?

maybe its the nine hours of school.

maybe its  the getting up earlier in the morning. 

maybe its the extra two hours put into our schedule.

maybe its the no extra breaks or longer lunch.

maybe its the after school activities. 

maybe its the tasks of filling out scholarships...

Oh wait, no internet.


maybe its the thought of waking up earlier tomorrow

to make muffins for a year book party. 

maybe its the thought of still having to attend church

meetings after prom.

maybe its the thought of not having my phone.

i need it to contact people especially on such a busy week.

Oh wait, its supposed to teach me a lesson.


im sorry that maybe instead of being humans

we are now robots. im sorry that maybe our personal

health is irrelevant. 

im sorry that because of all this, im having a mental break down.

Oh wait, 

maybe its the sudden epiphany that i have a chemistry 

test tomorrow morning. 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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