I don't wake up crying anymore. And I'm through trying.

It's not that I've been lying.

But you don't keep me up at night like you used to.

And when the sun shines through my blinds I no longer

feel like I'm about to burst.

I know now that things can be worse.

I'm not held together with glue. The messages are all gone,

doesn't matter, I still can't forget you.

I still feel like I've done something terrible

Like I'm a master theif, cold and unbearable.

To take love from the heart.

And you can't say that I didn't want to try anymore.

We both know we were meant to be apart.

You deserve a chance to forget me. 

I hope I am nothing that you see.


But you don't make my head spin anymore,

even if my heart is a little sore.


Either way it's nice to rice and fall without my pillow being wet,

a sky without clouds,

a life without regret.


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