Yours to regret

 Cut off my leg and sharpen my bone

I stab myself for every time I thought you wouldn’t leave me alone.

I was an idiot to think that you wouldn’t go

but how the hell would I know

that the only thing you ever did was hurt me so

why the hell did you leave me on my own? 


 I hear your voice and every poem and song

was your plan all along?

I can’t believe after everything now you’re gone.

I hear your voice than lay in the street

a car comes I get up because I’m too weak

maybe I’ll start by laying on the concrete. 


 Or maybe I’ll tie myself to the tracks of a train.

It’s the one you were riding anyway.

The one you said you would ride in the rain,

to get to me.

But you switch tracks last minute

I’m sorry you had to see,

that deep inner part of me.

I should have never showed you.

You’re sick of me now too. 


 I listen to your favorite songs just to feel the pain.

Every beat and each phrase gives a whole new meaning to hurt.

Because you made me feel so fucking special

like I actually meant something.

You actually made me start to refrain

from all myself hate

and then came the pain

and the truth. 


 That I was nothing but a huge mistake.

Nothing more than fucking regret of yours.

You were mine to adore

and I was yours to fucking regret

and I have an even started to heal yet.




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