Madly Sad

I'm so full of sadness,

So full of hate,

My mind's filled with madness,

I know I'll never be great.

So why not give it up

End the sorrow and despair?

Since I'll never find love

And I'll never even care.

My glass is completely empty,

Everyone drank it all,

But still it's too heavy,

It'll shatter this time when I fall.

I'm going back to believing that I'm some kind of demon.

Now that I'm back to feeling this way again,

Knowing my life will never have meaning,

I'm simply existing as I wait for the suffering to end.

How can I look at beauty,

And feel nothing except pain?

What am I even doing,

Bothering with this life, my shame?

You see, I'll never be good enough.

Despite all this love I have to give,

Nobody shows me love.

I guess it must be something I did.

Or maybe because I embody my sadness.

I imagine my eyes show my madness.

I need to find a way to end this.

This is all just too much, and I've fucking had it!


Jarred Shah



This poem is about: 
Our world


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