Too Young


I was to young to  deal.

Started not to feel.

Never took the time to heal.

Somehow it didn't feel real.


I was to young to see.

Thought it was apart of being me.

Thought it was how it was supposed to be.

Never understanding that I wasn't free.


I was to young to confess it.

I thought that if it was wrong i would be protected.

Because your my mother so, thats what I expected.

Even though danger wasn't what I projected.


He took everything from me.

Things at the time I couldn't understand the importance of.

He broke me.

At the same time I was searching for your love.


You know I'm still a little girl at heart.

Waiting for my song to be sung.

He stole my innocence.

But I didn't know it.

Because at the time,

I was just,

Too young.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


its about growth and experience

you grow wise, that's how you continue to move on with life

keep writing


Thank you. Means a lot.

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