Hung at Twenty-One Years Young

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 22:06 -- saba123


United States
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I was the oldest,
So I should’ve died first,
But now you’re buried in the ground,
At only twenty-one years young,
They say you were hung,
And now I’m listening to sad songs,
Did you hate us all that much,
That you hung yourself in a rush?
As I stare at your face,
Your skin is dull and looks like white paste,
Yet your lashes are still their natural curls.
I had always been one of those girls,
Who fawned over your blue eyes,
As if they were a carnival prize.
But now you are gone,
How am I supposed to move on?



That really touched me. Hope you are better.


This is very emotional..I'm sorry for your loss..

keep writing be strong


oh so you're 'sorry' you know you should be more sorry because people litteraly

want to die because of deppression they cut there viens,hands and thier whole body

you think it's normal and you think everything is alright,it was in the past and 

just let go of it.You think we are stupid and don't know!?We have more problems

more pain and people think we just disverse shit an a stick.

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