Your Tears, My Eyes

Does it matter that these tearfall for you?

That they hit the floor and the page, but not your hand?

Does it bother you that you did this to me?

When will you pull me out of this quicksand,

And save me from this daydream or nightmare thinking you don't care,

Wishing you were there, and not just a figment of my imagination,

My mind is racing with a million and one thoughts.

Does it matter that i want to push myself to be good,

But no good will come and I know I shouldn't, but I should?

Does it matter that I break every bone to keep you strong, 

When we both know we're not even singing the same song,

And all along, I was alone.

Alone in my mind, where I find myself playing out scenarios,

Knowing they're not true or won't happen.

I can't help it though.

When will I finally be happy with myself?

At the end of the day, it's me that's doing it.

I'm the blame for all the shame people wear, 

I'm the one that ruined the fun of living and life,

Finding a husband or wife that will cook and clean,

But when will you see, that I'm being the best I can be,

But nobody will allow me to,

And you still don't realize that involves you,

And these tears belong to you.


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