I’ll look forward to the day we can laugh together again 

And it will be just like it’s always been


You hurt me more than you’ll ever know 

One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was to let you go 


Maybe once we are both done with our life journeys we will meet again and be friends once more. 

Once you’ve learned something about not keeping score. 


And you’ll learn how to play on the same team, rather than against 

Most days I hoped you would just give it a rest 


I never kept score, I just kept giving. 

But nothing was ever enough for you, 

But it was enough for me that you were living. 

Maybe I was just too forgiving. 


Or maybe you were just too deceiving

For me to know that you were leaving 

But I’ve been dreaming 

Of your face, in my bed at night 

I ignored all the signs I was receiving 

You were evil and misleading 

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing 

I cry myself to sleep because I can’t believe 

the past and the actions that 

You’ve done 

I’m left to grieve 

But How could I be so naive?

Towards a person who never loved me?!?


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