I an NOT alone by Lorella T.


As sons and daughter of the most high God

We have standards to uphold, as we are representing Zion

And as we live in a dark and hateful world

We might sometimes feel as though we are alone like Noah in his time

Where sin was everywhere around him


Day in Day out we’re constantly in a battle with our minds and bodies

Struggling to do the right thing, make the right choice or decision

You might be in a family where no one worships God but you

You might that Doctor that chooses not to compromise your faith

You might that girl or boy striving not be fall into the motions of this world


Remember, that even though it seems as though you are walking alone

Walking through the deep valleys, the dark alleys

You are not alone, for there is a savior who loves you

Who cares so much he would never leave you side

He would never consider even for a second turning his back on you


Yet, you must also remember that sometimes the Saint must stand alone

Your relationship with God is a personal affair, not a group one

In every choice you make for His sake, you make alone

For every action and every word you alter you alone will be held accountable

And on the judgment day, you alone will stand before God.


Yet, there are great rewards in walking alone sometimes

Setting ourselves apart from others from this world

We begin to have a deeper relationship with God where he shares his secrets with us

We could become so close to God he calls us his friends, dear to his heart

It is also in times when we are set apart that God reveals his Glory


Dear Saints, sometimes living a life of righteousness can be hard

But remember that you are not doing this alone

That the strength needed is not only coming from you

That goodness and mercy are following you and will be forever

And most of all that Jesus himself and all the host of Angels are by you side


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