Less than a Dream


Black atmosphere, purple park on fire

my flesh desired

Black spiked hair with a bruised face

stepping, grass crunching, heart race

Blaze glows glittery yellow orange red

get the anxiety out of my head

A young boy running from a bat

Bat against his head,


Silver iris, black eyes

Sharp teeth white face black lips I despise

Run through air

but the mist is too thick

End is coming, all too quick

Face to face very close

Icy hands grasp my fleshy throat

He spits warm blood

He knows I taste better,

Defenseless and helpless my only weapon:

a feather

Green stench diffuses into dark glowing haze

Sour foul smells raise the craze of his gaze

His moan his croak his bloody lips

So close his claws attack my hips

I sprint I hide I try to flee

but he will choose my destiny

He begins to speak with his raspy whine

He will chase me ‘til the end of time



My favorite part about writing this poem is the amount of emotion that I expressed. I had an actual nightmare one night and I could not get what happened in that nightmare out of my head. I had to write about it. And the outcome reflects exactly how my emotions felt during the dream. A slow motion fight against this crazy, dead, and hideous creature. I symbolize this demon as an abuse of drugs, being stuck in an abusive relationship, and the fears/anxieties people face during their teenage years. 

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