I Want to Rip This Skin Apart

Sun, 11/03/2013 - 17:40 -- mk_poet


I realize it is this skin!

For some unspoken words it is this skin

Does it bare a mark of ancestral sin?

How when they built this country on their bakcs and tears and blood.

And its because they never gave up, so that our children can live peacefully.

Now we are back to a new slavery,



I want to rip it from limb to limb

I was to strip myself of this exsoskeleton.

Why do I feel so trapped

Is it because all eyes are watching waiting for me to snap?

Do I give them the satifaction or do I just lay back?


Then I stop and realize,

That this skin

Is something, God given.

Although the stars are white it is darkness that holds them still.

It is God's will

That my skin, for all purpose and intention,

Is not something of tension.

It was given by his permission.

For only God knows,

My skin is made of precious gems!


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