Do you ever get that feeling The feeling of wanting to fly But your wings are broken Every word unspoken   Do you ever get that feeling The longing desire to run But your legs are paralyzed Your nerves are tranquilized   Tell me the truth As my soul burns to the bone So paint me a noose and tie me to a tree Darling, did you truly ever love me   Tell me the truth As this demon kisses my wrist Lock my heart and burn the key Darling, did you ever truly know me   Let’s run away We have our secret hideout We’ll fly free like Blue jays We’ll shut the world away   Let’s run away We’ll start over Salt water raindrops We’ll run and we’ll never stop   Sweet release Freedom from society We’re one of a kind Gleaming like fireflies   Sweet release One-way plane trip Finding in our dreams, so much comfort Maybe we don’t have such different colors   Look at us now We’re lost Losing our way Unwanted cliches   Look at us now We’re disappearing Vanishing into the air Hiding behind despair   We are timeless Our own infinity Dreaming of adventures Fragile as a feather   We are timeless Easy to destroy Wishing on stars Wasting our hearts   We’ll finally be free With pills in our mouths We finished our dance with the devil We’ve reached the last level   We’ll finally be free With guns to our heads Opened our eyes to pitch black We’re gone and we’re never coming back  

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