I'll Wave Back

I drove past  your grave today,

I felt you wave to me.

Your laughter filled my thoughts,

I almost veered off the road...

Maybe because I remembered,

When we used to be alone,

You'd put me in your arms...

But with other eyes upon us,

You'd be quick to shoot me down.

Our friendship was a knot,

I was trying to take it apart...

But you died,

And it still holds tight.

I used to dream about telling you,

All these dreams about you,

All these dreams about us...

But that's okay,

I know you did,

No, you never had to say it...

I know it anyways,

And yes, it's okay.

You didn't want to leave me,

I know.

But if you could've taken me too,

I wouldn't be alone now.

Yes, he loves me,

I know.

But there is no one,

Who laughs like you do.

I would've waved back,

But I was driving,

And I didn't want to take my hand off the wheel,

Yes, I know,

That's a bad excuse.

But next time,

Like the very first day I saw you,

I'll wave back.


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