The Truth

Once upon a time

a girl stood in the cold streets

selling her matches.


She was all alone

in the cold winter sidewalk

as adults passed by


Leaving her alone.

She lost all hope of selling

the matches she held


as the street muted

and all people had gone home

to enjoy their meal.


It began snowing.

She could not stop shivering.



The temperature

continued to drop quickly

as she became dazed.


The cold taking toll

On her delicate body.

What is she doing?


The gears in her head,

trying to cope with the cold,

Spun in overdrive


Using energy

That was keeping her alive.

She lost sanity


She began to strip

thinking it was hot until

She suddenly fell.


She died half naked

Lying in the cold white snow.

She was discovered

By those who passed her

Hours before and left her

To die all alone.


They pulled out their phones

Not to dial 9-1-1

But to take pictures


Of a girl naked

To prove they discovered her

By posting their pic.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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