Love: A Word of Highs and Lows


A word that many kids seem to take advantage of

Who really knows the meaning of love?

Teens are too naive to realize the main truth

Guys don’t understand the meaning, we aren’t sleuths

I’m an example of that, I never learned how to adore

Love was never an option, love slammed the door

Casted aside, I had my heart shattered to pieces

Its like a part I could never get back like a bitten Reese’s

I just roamed the Earth, staring at pretty women pass by

They always glanced at “hot” guys, and never once told me hi

My looks could never compete with their physical features

I was casted to a group as a hideous, shy, smart creature

I started to think, my old ways had never got me the first date

I was always pushed aside cuz they wanted a guy with hate

The gene that every girl thought was drop dead sexy

While I wanted to cuddle at night like a kid to a teddy


But I couldn’t bare to live without any affection

So I let the bad gene rage and it became an infection

I used the girl’s emotions to manipulate them

They always thought I was different and not like other men

I used it as a way to feel what other guys liked

I kept doing this cuz my body felt better than right

Love devoured by lust, I still knew the wrong doing

I was after sex, not feeling loved, I knew what I was pursuing

I couldn’t stop myself, like an addiction to alcohol

Cuz every time I heard “party”, it was like a booty call

Influences to carelessness, which leads to intercourse

But then I stopped my bad streak and ended in divorce

I realized the hurt that I was putting onto young people

And how I made women feel stupid and unequal

I try to force my mind, but I’m consumed by the evil

I was f**king with young minds and hearts, I wish this was illegal


Killing girls on the inside, without being near body

I was stuck in the gutter and my mouth was like a potty

I can’t stop my actions, they  seem to enlarge

I need a boot camp for my attitude and follow a sarge

I know I have hurt you with my words, by unthinkable reasons

I was making your day rain when we were in the blistering season

I can’t apologize, because I have no room to talk

I wish I could take it all away and outline it in chalk

Because that side is dead to me, but I'm attached to it

I’m an a**hole who needs to suffer every bit

Friends dislike me, and friends of friends hate my insides

I wonder why people love me when my darkness resides

I would give up my happiness to see your smile in the beginning

Before all the emotions, drama, laughs, and the sinning

I might learn how to love, but it won’t soon show

Love is a word that consists of highs and lows



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