A Girl I Know

There is a girl I know, I will not give her name,

That lived her life between four walls,

And all her life she searched for fortune and fame,

But ended up lost in empty halls.


She dreamed of dancing late into the night,

Coveted a man's warm embrace, 

But all her life she hide from the light,  

And ne'r dared to show her porcelain face.


She searched for a love that was worth death,

But still she ended up in empty halls,

She would dream and dream until her final breath,

But still she would find no grand balls.


But still she dreams in light of the moon, 

Smiling at the stars above, 

For she knows something is coming soon, 

And her weary, aching heart hopes it's love.


Still I do not give her any name, 

The girl who has cried a thousand tears, 

And still you don't know from whence she came,

The girl who has conquered a million fears.


For the girl trapped in her illusion, 

In search to only be free,

The girl trying to break her delusion,                                                                                                                                       

That girl is me.                                                      


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