Depression Is Normal

They keep trying to tell me I should be happy.
Ok, I am really trying,
I mean honestly I ain't cut in almost 10 months now.
People say that it's pathetic when someone is that sad,
but what right do they have to say so?
They say that people with depression just want attention,
No damn it, we want to be heard.
All the cruel words people say, do, think,
Its causes that depression,
And it pisses me off,
how poorly people are treated,
this world is horrible,
America is the land of the free,
And yeah, sure, we don't bow down to England,
but we never escape the relentless hatred that flows in everyone.
Don't say people are pathetic because they actually feel,
Really, all of society is pathetic,
And all we can do is say stop,
And stand together.
Other wise,
There's is no,


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