False Hopes

How could this have happened

I gave you everything

I opened myself up

Despite my fear of being exposed

Couldn't you see how scared I was

I was terrified to let anyone in

Because it always ended in pain

They eventually left

Or I drove them away

Myabe I shouldn't have jumped in so quick

But once I thought

You would stay

I became hopeful

My smile came back

I laughed until I cried

I felt alive when you were by my side

When you grasped my hand

I felt like you kept me above ground

You kept me from sinking

Into my own thoughts

You kept the demons away

You burned brightly

Searing your name into my bones

Kissing false hopes

All over my body

Burning holes into my skin

Your words were like acid

When I realized they weren't real

I believed your hand was the one thing

Keeping me above the surface

When really,

It was pulling me under

Your burned me to a crisp

Leaving me lying at your feet

Sinking deep into the ground

I reacher for you

But you smiled and claimed

It was "trust issues"

I gasped for air

As the floor was closing over me

The last thing I saw

Was the blank stare on your face

Slipping deeper

The floor closing above me

I realized

How hope

Can slowly

But surely

Kill you


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