Be non Fake

We were not born fake 

Our cries were real 

So real like that pain we feel

the purity of our souls were turned inside out

dried right up like a bad droubt 

who are we trying to impress?

no one will ever be happy no matter how you dress.

No one else should care!

if we do this here or do it there...

we dicide who we are and where we go

don't pay no mind to those who don't know.

they aren't and never will be in your shoes

and are only around to laugh at your blues

You don't need to impress them

 they will only look for a crack to pick 

what you should be looking for 

are those who where u walk on will lick 

be you for those who can admire

your nature is what real people disire.

realize this to be at peace

enjoy it all before dicease. 








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