Empty Space Gone From Me

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 15:34 -- Aver77


Everyday I'm trying to move on

Memories with you keeps haunting me

Peace, when will it come?

To the day when I can forget

You were my everything


So much for your pretty lies

Pssh! Do you really think you could fool me

Aleeyah isn't some stupid girl to toy with

Can't you see that you damaged me?

Enough with this crap!


I'm done with you

So leave me alone


Grab your messed up head and realize

Our time together was precious but you lost it

New people are arriving in my life

Every one of them is better then you


Forgetting you is hard

Really difficult but I'm fighting it off

Over every guy I liked, your the worst

Mister be gone into your la la land


My heart no longer chained by you

Enjoying my life better without you!




My favorite line would have to be "My heart no longer chained by you." We don't realize how oftent he people in our lives hurt us, how many of them damage us and we let them, so I like to say I'm proud that you have. You are strong enough to leave them in the past and understand that it is for the better. The anger would subside, the anger evident in this piece, and you will notice the changes people have made in you, and most of the time it was for the better. Thank you for having the bravery to stand up for yourself, as well as sharing this piece.


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