I Love a Pen and paper, a Guitar, and a book


I am a woman behind a curtain,

and that's something that I find difficult to accept.

Keeping lies, and secrets, I seem to always let

them take advantage of every part of me

my heart, my lips, my eyes.

I can no longer see, even when my tears have dried.

Who I really am?

Just a girl looking for Love.

A hopeless romantic, who asks forgiveness from the man above.

I want to chase the dreams that seem impossible to reach.

Yet, it seems I only go for the ones that are right in front of me.

Underneath my concrete heart

and my black-veiled soul;

there's an angel, who is as white as snow.

I try to dodge the bullets of all of those peircing words, and lies.

NO! I will NOT believe them!

Atleast I've tried...

Sometimes I start to believe that what they say, is true.

NO, that's not right, this is me! This is YOU!

I tend to spend my nights

trying to figure out who I am.

But I am a woman behind a curtain,

and I try to stand

up for myself, for my dignity, for my pride.

Why don't you show them?

Have I even tried?

I love a pen and a paper, a guitar, and a book.

I love the birds, and the ocean, and the hands that I've shooked

good-bye is something that I've always known.

I'm used to being left, being on my own.

But whenever this happens, I always seem to cry.

All night long, and my tears? They never dry.

If God had came, and asked me today;

"Are you a good girl, are you pure, are you okay?"

I'd say : "No lord, I am a sinner, I am lost, I'm astray."

Sometimes I love the water, sometimes I love the trees.

Sometimes I love the light, and the tall buildings.

Sometimes I don't even know who I am;

behind this dark, dark curtain,

and my dirty, black hands.

But, I love the movies, only with someone I love.

I love to sing my heart out, when push comes the shove.

I love a pen and a paper, a guitar, and a book.

I am just a girl, and when they do look,

towards my black-covered heart,

I'll tear that thing down!

RIP it into a million pieces and more!

And when you see a light shining from the corner of your fooled eye,

That's me, that's MY open door.

I am the woman behind the curtain.

I love a pen and a paper, a guitar, and a book.

I'll always find love in all the hands that I've shooked,

and the arms that I've hugged,

I am girl behind a curtain, and I'll always love to love.



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