Late night damage

Is there ever a time when you realize that you’re mind might not be you’re mind

That you might not be what controls itbut you just bunker down and learn to flow with itbecause it’s all you know to doand the minute you start to question begins the cycle of off put depressionwhich you’ve known has always been thereyou just wanted to claim you weren’t aware like you always doAnd it takes you until you feel like your chokinglike all you’re bones have been broken to maybe say you’re not okayCause you’re not okayBut in this world where it’s not okay to be not okayyou learn to put on a brave face and wipe the tears without leaving a traceyet we all wonder why there’s so many fakesand say we’re the reason they have to cut the grass so they can keep out the snakesbut we’re not dangerous Just broken Too hurt to know how to deal with actual human emotions And so you choke on themIt’s like your suffocating but can still breath airlike you’re drowning but water doesn’t seem to be anywhereand like you’re dying but life still goes on whether or not you choose to actually be there It’s scary to think that I’ve come to the brink of things that can be answeredcause wisdom and degrees can only stretch over so much of my crumbling debrisand I need something more to steady me So I stay on high alert yet have nothing in returnbut to find the reason why I zone out so muchand why I simply can’t seem to give a flying f****about you or me or all things in betweenand you can call it baggage or anything you want but we all come with damagesome just still aren’t willing to talk

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Our world


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