Swollen life

I cant find a way to live this swollen life,
Just block out the sound.
I never thought I would feel the lonliness again,
well look at me now.
Theres nothing you can offer me,
and its probably better that way.
What I would want you can never give me,
You cant block this pain away.
Really I dont know what I want anymore,
so how can I ask?
"Nothing", is too much to take from you.
Keep leading your flawed life,
see it as perfect.
I didn't,
and look at me now, a critict.
Stay safe,
far away from me.
Call us friends,
but you dont want to follow me into the deep, and I dont want you to see.
The person that lies within there,
the me I will never share.
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
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