It is 2:30 am, Thursday night

You’ve gone to sleep and I can’t stop thinking about you 

My heart feels heavy but in the best way, my thoughts feel light

My heart feels so much for you, i am crying but i don't feel blue

I feel so happy, i feel so free, i feel so right 

Tonight you cried, and i cried too because seeing you sad makes me so upset

I never want to see you sad, it makes me sad, your happy eyes are wet

I don’t ever want to see you cry unless it is happy tears

Like the ones i am having writing this, i can't wait to see you and give you a kiss

The way i feel about you is something that i have never felt

I cry, but i am not sad, i am not scared, i am content 

You make my heart melt 

You make every hard day not too hard to be dealt

I wish i could take all your pain and ease your brain

I am happy i can help you feel sane

I am happy i can help you feel happy when it rains

When you are sad, i feel it too

When you are blue, i am blue too

When you catch a flu, i might too

I knew i was falling but tonight i cried, i realized i love you

Love is a scary word, but it doesn’t feel as scary with you

It feels like how i feel about you, that i am in love with you

You make me feel brand new

You make me feel like you are something that i always knew

You make everything seem possible to get through

Everything is easily possible with you

Everything is beautiful with you.

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