soul vs. conscience


flooding with ignited thoughts

---you don't have to do this

tons of pressure push you to the ground

---please don't

stress is the leash that tightens its grip

---I will listen, I promise

tormented by the sunny dispositions

---you can get happy too!

no future in store, no more

---please put the bottle down!

the world a ghost laughing

---ignore them! listen to me!

the crowd, i am alone

---don't fill that glass!!

the ground, it beckons

---Me! I want you more!

the cold hard hearts

---but yours can melt theirs!

but its too late

---I really really love you!

too heavy, can't get up


don't miss me too much

---I love you, please!









If anyone read this poem, it's a metaphor for a hard life, I don't actaully drink or smoke. I'm not suicidal. It's all a metaphor because of the pain I was feeling at the time I wrote this poem. 

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