It Only Seemed Fair

Tue, 06/11/2013 - 19:17 -- Isabel.


United States
35° 11' 43.1304" N, 80° 44' 56.9616" W

It smells like death, if death had a smell
She felt a soft breeze while tears streamed down her face.
She stood there not knowing how to feel,
Not knowing what to say.
What she did feel was lost, empty, numb
She didn’t lose anyone important, just the girl in the mirror
She hated how she looked and everything else
That happy girl they thought they saw every day, was a lie
The ways to end her pain only worked for a while
Now she sat on the grass in the middle of nowhere
Staring at the scars she gave herself, and what her life became
Thinking of ways to end her pain
Death was in the air and death only seemed fair


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