Lyrical Love.

I still listen to all the songs you told me about. It's like the only piece of you I have left. They bring back bittersweet sadness. In myself, I've found some of you. It's like you left me with some of you, not enough to feel complete but enough to never forget. I still remember the way you tried to hide your smile every time you laughed because you didn't like your braces. When your face got bright red from embarrassment, your stupid laugh, your cute hair, and how your hoodie smelled like the cologne your dad gave you. When we held hands we caused stars to collide and flames to ingnite, then we crashed and burned into a beautiful catastrophe. But that is no more and you're just someone I used to know. I put songs on repeat to preserve the memories of you, of us. You're trying too hard to forget, I've learned to embrace it. Because we'll always have a piece of eachother. Just listen for me, in the lyrics of your songs.

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