i taught you how to love

i taught you how to love again. i helped you open up your heart to more than just the familiar. the love you had grown to know. when you fell to your knees i was there to pick you up and when you cracked to dust i helped you pick up whatever pieces were salvageable and swore that i would replace whatever parts of you could not be recovered just so you can feel whole and if some of those pieces start to fall off then i will hold you tight in my arms to keep you together. place band aid kisses on the parts of you that were left scarred. i showed you forgiveness when the times when you broke my heart were more often than not and i had to pick up the pieces of me all by myself. i brought you peace when your thoughts were a stormy sea and the waves threatened to drown you in the past, the things you hid so deep inside yourself so you would never have to see them again. i remind you that we may not be able to choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there. you may have been born in the darkness but you can always choose to walk toward the light. i taught you how to love again but most importantly i taught you how to accept the love you deserved that you had been denying yourself for so long. I taught you how to jump and never fear the fall. but i wish you had fallen for me like i have fallen for you. I taught you how to love with the selfish hope that you would learn to love me. 

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