Sad Poems

I’ve been trying for weeks

But I can’t seem to find it

I’ve been biting my cheeks

like the idea is inside them


But the blood starts to pool

with its signature taste

I feel like a fool,

This whole day’s been a waste


I can’t seem to write

A simple poem that’s happy

Oh how I’ve tried,

But it’s just not inside me


My light is now faded

and I can’t get it back

It’s too late now to save it

I am stuck in pitch black


But there once was a time

When my poems weren’t sad

When it was easy to rhyme

And I trusted my dad


Those days are long gone

And that story is over

Like a lonely bird song

or the last four leaf clover


Plucked from the ground

Til it’s memory fades

like the absence of sound

or the bottom of a grave

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