"Who Would Have Known"


United States
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Two happy people, or so it seemed
She soon woke up
Wishing it was just a dream.

Look how happy ya'll were back then
Both of you with a big ole grin.
Falling in love happened so fast
Outcomes a baby, but already knowing
The relationship would not last.

Two years later comes a baby girl,
Look, another accident, just as before.

Seeing how happy you two looked back then
Makes me wonder now if it was just a fake grin.

There would soon be two small broken hearts,
But you just could not help it,
You knew it was time to part.

Her two young children had to say had to say goodbye to their dad
As she knew that they would be very sad.

Soon after she would find her true love
Thinking he must have sent from above.

A happy family of five my new family would be
Not looking back at that sad, sad dream.



Life from a girl with a broken family.

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