I always used to say I hated summer

Something about the heat

Or the sun burns

Or the bugs flying around

No matter where you go

But it wasn’t entirely true

You see

It’s true that I hated summer

And it will never be my favorite season

But not for those reasons

Not because I do not love the memories she brings

I hate summer because it always ends

Like every other warm memory

Like every other happy season

Like every person I will ever love

And I don’t get why some things can’t stay forever

Why some things can’t just stay with me

But I guess that’s life

And change is just a part of nature

No matter how you feel about it.

And I know how I feel about it

I just wanted you to be different

I just wanted you to stay.

And maybe this year spring will bring new life

Maybe this year love will bloom again in the spring

But it’s never the same

No season is ever the same as the one before her

Or the year before her

But maybe this year love will grow deeper roots

Maybe this year love will learn to persevere

Or preserve its essence through the cold of winter.

But I somehow doubt it.

Love will dance the timeless waltz of the changing seasons

We will bloom together

We will grow together

Laughing and living in the sun

In the summer breeze

But when autumn comes it fades away

Every time

When autumn comes our love dies with the leaves

And I guess that’s why they call it fall

So by the time winter rolls around there is nothing left

Nothing but the cold and the memory of life

The memory of warmth

And the empty earth where love once bloomed with you

And you can pray that it will come back for the summer

That somewhere in the soil it is waiting

Waiting for the sun

For the snow to melt

For the birds to return

To bloom again and maybe just maybe

This time

It will be evergreen.

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