Last Call

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 04:38 -- LJeakes

I have wasted precious paper figuring you out
And I know you know just exactly what that's like
I'm sure you'll never spare a word for me
But I would expect you've got much better things clouding your mind

And I know you're not terribly impressed with me
But I certainly can't blame you for that
I'll never be your favorite song
And never be something that you'll fight to get back

So go ahead and sing your love songs and remind me
Of Just how exponentially more they meant to you
And ok if you don't want to come and find me
Just let me know so I don't waste my time expecting you to

Go ahead and walk away because you're afraid to face me
But, God above, don't you know I'm scared too?
I really thought that we could both move on, now you decide to leave
I Don't ask anything more than to have a friend in you

You're running, and I can't blame you
I hate to think if I've crossed your mind
But you wrote about them, and you fought for them too
So what is it about me that's so easy to leave behind?

I'm just trying, I really am
Because I was never really good at making friends
And you were one of the first to understand
I'm not sure I can live without that again


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