The End

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 06:48 -- Neftee

I'm so not ready
for the world to come crashing into my life this morning.
But it never waits for me.
I just want to be with you.
The earth is so pretty.
But it'd be prettier with you.
It drifts through the void of our universe.
It's so pretty.
Mounds of dirt covered in grassy blankets for the night.
With the trees to sing the song of life.
Their song drifts through the air,
It sings me to sleep.
Nothing is intitled to us.
Nothing but freedom.
Freedom and a stretch of land to plow.
We can laugh some times
We are aloud to.
But that's time earned, and well...
I simply have nothing left to earn it with.
Here at the end, the end of it all.
After all of it, the wars of life,
And the starts of all days.
My aching bones have lived,
And now it's time to die.
Who knew we could die so young?
The earth is so pretty,
It's way to pretty to say goodbye.
I'm ready,
Here at the end I am ready for the world.
Welcome old friend.
Did you miss me?
Let's have some fun.


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