I began to walk away 
toward the future. 

My feet move slowly 
aching with each step 
crushed emotions shatter 
like fragile glass. 

Far ahead I see a glint of light 
my heart leapt. 

I walked faster, 
tears pouring 
like a waterfall. 
Tree branches grab 
tearing at my heart 
roots rise up from the ground, 
hinder progress. 
tripping again and again, 
cutting and scraping 
my arms and legs. 

My cuts burned, 
I am strong, 
healing would be found. 

The small circle of light 
grew bigger as I ran. 

Small pieces of me took flight 
I feel apart. 

My talent, 
all pain, left me. 

When I reached the cliffs edge, 
all that was left to fall 
was my broken heart.


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